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The Vizio has better contrast and uniformity thanks to its full-array local dimming backlight, while the Sony wins for color and brightness, and represents the best example of an edge-lit local dimming backlight I've ever tested.Its style and smart TV features also trounce the Vizio, and (all together now) "It's a Sony." It also delivers a much better picture than the closest non-curved competitor from Samsung, the KS8000.

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That score matched a significantly more expensive Sony and fell short of only those OLED models, which cost even more.Apparently Vizio didn't want to mess with a good thing.For 2017 the "new" P series is exactly the same as last year.Since I first reviewed the 2016 P series it has gone through a series of software updates, many addressed at improving its high dynamic range (HDR) picture quality.I haven't had the chance to review the latest version yet, but I expect it to continue to offer some of the best image quality available in a non-OLED TV.The two are identical but for the lack of an included tablet on the 2017 model.

When shoppers ask me for a high-end TV recommendation the first thing I tell them is, "Hands down, the best is LG's B6 OLED." Then I tell them it costs $2,000 for the 55-inch and $3,000 for the 65.

New for 2017 there's also an onscreen menu, called Smartcast TV, that allows you to launch apps using the traditional onscreen approach.

It's coming via software update later this year, although it still doesn't support Amazon video. And just like last year there's no built-in tuner, so you can't watch over-the-air antenna broadcasts unless you attach a separate tuner.

The 2017 M series, meanwhile, has 32 zones on all sizes.

Vizio also confirmed that, just like in 2016, the 55-inch member of the P series will use an IPS-based panel, not a VA panel like the others.

Both the 20 TVs will receive updates in the future, and Vizio says they'll continue to exhibit identical performance throughout the model year.