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They should ask if it would be better to take the child to an ambulatory surgery center, where an anesthesiologist would be present.If the procedure is being done in an outpatient clinic without a pediatric anesthesiologist, make sure it’s low risk, Swanson noted.

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“In my opinion, there’s no excuse to give any of these kids general anesthesia,” he said.And last summer, two children lost their lives after undergoing extensive dental procedures.According to a Dallas Morning News investigation in 2015, a dental patient dies nearly every other day in the United States.But one thing is certain, “there are too many of them,” said Dr.Michael Mashni, a dentist with anesthesia training who practices in California.The dentist sedated Daleyza to keep the toddler from wriggling while she was getting crowns and having a tooth pulled. Now, Araceli wants to warn other parents about the dangers that she wasn’t aware of.

“I’m looking for justice so what happened doesn’t happen to other mothers,” she told Sacramento NBC affiliate KCRA.

"If we can prevent one more child from an adverse event or a death, we’ve got to try,” Swanson told NBC News. The state boards that oversee dental practice in America usually don’t make that kind of information public.

It's unclear how many children — or adults, in general — have died in the U. But earlier this month, a Texas high school student died about a week after undergoing anesthesia to have his wisdom teeth removed.

Given the risks associated with sedation, "the dentist should have a frank discussion with the parents on the risks and benefits of anesthesia for treating the underlying disease," said Dr. Answers like "it's only a few pills" or "it's just something that relaxes you" are red flags, said Dr. Rafetto, past president of the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. Will there be a separate provider for general anesthesia in the room?

Jim Nickman, president of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. "I would insist on a separate qualified anesthesia professional looking after my child," Sibert advised. How much experience does this person have caring for kids my child’s age? How will my child be monitored during the procedure? Ask if the office has EKG, blood pressure, pulse oximetry and end tidal carbon dioxide monitors, Rafetto said. Who is going to be in the room if something goes wrong?

If your child is in the backseat for the car ride home, make sure there's someone who can be there beside him to watch him and make sure his airway doesn't get closed off or he doesn't slow his breathing while you’re driving home, Swanson said.