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Be it moral, technological, scientific, or social, there is no reason to assume human civilization marches forever forward in step with time.Understood this way, we can realize that progress is a choice and something we as a species will to happen through the concatenation of our decisions.

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As a movement philosophy, transhumanism and its proponents argue for a future of ageless bodies, transcendent experiences, and extraordinary minds.And in some places, it comes damn close by asking us: As humanity moves forward, what do we leave behind?What follows is not a review but an exegesis of and the trials of the main character, Adam Jensen.Normally, a teaser trailer is just music and a slow build to a logo or single image that lets you know the game is coming out. The visuals of the teaser harken to Renaissance imagery (such as the Da Vinci style drawings) and the teaser ends with a Nietzschean quote “Who we are is but a stepping stone to what we can become.” Later trailers would reference Icarus and Daedalus (who also happened to be the names of AI constructs in the original game), addressing the all-too-common fear that by pursuing technology, we are pursuing our own destruction.Instead, the development team decided to demonstrate that it was taking the philosophy of the game seriously. This narrative thread has become the central point of conflict in Even its viral ad campaign has been told through two lenses: that of Sarif Industries, maker of prosthetic bodies that change lives, and that of Purity First, a protest group that opposes human augmentation.Cold fusion, male birth control, flying cars, and the cure for most diseases are all twenty years away. Because that’s the distance at which it’s genuinely impossible to extrapolate scientific advancement.

So, when Will Rosellini, the CEO and President of Micro Transponder and consultant to the team developing , told me that neuroprosthetic augmentation was about twenty years away, I was skeptical, but intrigued.

With Deus Ex, I was given the task of explaining in a rigorous all of the player abilities in the game.

To do this, I extrapolated where technologies would be moving in the next 20 years (to 2027, the start of the game).

Most implantable neuroprosthetics take 10 years to get to market, so essentially I was forced to make 1 extra jump to foreseeable technologies.

So what are the background technologies that support this research?

To dive deeper into these issues, I had a chat with Mary De Marle, the lead writer for to know where it is we want humanity to go.