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view- Add multiple administrators, and specify super users.- Dozens of global configuration options, easily accessible and changeable within the admin panel.- Only a few are shown in this screenshot, although many more are available, with even more to come!view- Advanced Flash-based image editor for your members.- Affiliates system with administrator controls and statistics.- Advanced, web-based banner management.

We would like you to stay with us because you are happy and want to do so, not because we vendor-locked you in a corner. We realize this might be somewhat different from other companies you have dealt with, especially if coming from the more traditional corporate world. Useful, modern and tailored solutions, with fast roll-out.Pragmatic, creative, versatile, with excellent problem solving skills. Coupled with a solid understanding of your business domain this allows fast delivery, on time and within budget. Our added value is our expertise,insight and possibly good looks,not the resulting product per se. For one Spiky Fruit is a small collective by choice.If at any point you want to continue without us you should be able to. We work with an intimate group of skilled people, most of which have ties to the open source world.os Date even checks your My SQL login parameters, and allows you to easily upgrade from any prior version.- Options for SMTP mail are available.These are specified during installation, but are easily changeable by directly editing the file.- A built-in, Flash instant messenger is availabe to your members so that they can send notes to other users who are online.- In/out box is available to your members, so that they can easily communicate with others via os Date. You can adjust the user permissions so that this feature is only available to members having a certain level of access.- Upon login, members have available to them a member panel, where they can quickly access Flash Chat, php BB, and other useful tools.- Allow members to quickly upgrade their membership, and compare features among various membership levels, using this membership comparison chart.- The site administrator can easily specify the priviledges for any membership type, and even create new membership types or delete existing ones.- My Matches feature allows any member to instantly view other users who match their search preferences.In short, you can make fully configure the profile wizard for new users all from the os Date administration panel.

Instead, we learn about your business, identifying the technical opportunities or issues you might not be aware of.

Activate or deactivate any profile, edit profile details, sort by name/gender/status, and much more!

- Thumbnail display options exist for profile searches.

But make no mistake, in the end it is all just knowledge, code & SLA's - no tree-hugging involved. Based on solid choices which guarantee freedom and continuity for your company.

We think that's a pretty sweet deal, but then again, we might be biased on that one.

But without the overhead and social headaches of employing that talent in-house, which you will notice in our fees.