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If you have a mid-2013 Mac Book Air, a late-2013 Mac Book Pro, or a late-2013 i Mac, then you should download version 5.1.5640 of the update, and owners of all other models should download version 5.1.5621.The updates will likely need to be downloaded and installed manually, since they may not show up in Apple's Software Update service.

When mixed with an acrylic base each pigment will turn instead into the color of the acrylic base or color blender, eg., if a blue pigment is mixed with a yellow acrylic base the resulting color will be green, but at the change-over temperature the blue will disappear and the green will turn into yellow.At specific temperatures the liquid crystals re-orientate to produce an apparent change of colour.The liquid crystal material itself is micro-encapsulated – i.e., contained within microscopic spherical capsules typically just 10 microns in diameter.The dynamic color change begins at the selected activation temperature and shimmers through three phases, one with each 6–10° rise in temperature.Once the temperature peak is passed, the base color returns and remains the same until the temperature drops.I also couldn't change the resolution in any games.

So does anyone know if this is a problem with the driver, the fact that it's a Bootcamp Windows 10 install, or something else?

Heat reactive materials change state, shape and/or color when exposed to temperatures above ambient. In this post I’ll go over thermochromic pigments and a few materials they have been incorporated into, namely paint, fabric, film and glass.

What’s special about some of them is that their state, shape and/or color can be altered at relatively low temperatures (provided through hot water, body heat, hair dryers, ambient heaters, ovens, or just a hot summer day), making them easy to use and suitable for DIY projects.

After this failed, I ran the automatic driver detection app (yes, even though it warns not to do this for Bootcamp installations), and the same thing happened.

Finally, once that failed, I booted back into OS X and used the Bootcamp utility to download the "Support Software" which includes the AMD driver that Apple has deemed to be correct.

The textured glass surface layer protects and highlights the color-change film on the tile.