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But this evidence has the potential to be highly technical and confusing in a way that could unduly affect the outcome of a trial.

The parties stipulated to Charak's expertise in forensic chemistry and DNA analysis.Bryant Whack soon lost sight of Petitioner and decided to stay at the school and wait until Petitioner returned from meeting the woman.Not long after Petitioner disappeared, Bryant Whack heard gunshots. On October 29, 2008, Bryant Whack and Petitioner were interviewed by police.During the trial, the prosecution presented several witnesses, including Petitioner's cousin, who testified that Petitioner called the victim's cell phone before the killing and was walking in the neighborhood where the killing took place shortly before the crime occurred.Jurors also heard from a DNA analyst who testified that she could not exclude Petitioner as being the source of DNA recovered from the passenger armrest of the truck in which the victim was shot. DNA evidence can place a defendant at the scene of a crime, providing a firm scientific foundation for a prosecutor's case, particularly when other evidence may be lacking.

Ed.2d 1 (2013) (observing that DNA technology is “one of the most significant scientific advancements of our era” and its usefulness in the criminal justice system is “undisputed”).

The DNA of this major contributor was consistent with White's DNA.

This profile was discovered along with the DNA profiles of other, unknown people, none of whom could have been Petitioner.

The man, later identified as George Jerome White, Jr., appeared to be in great pain and told Haggerty that he had been shot in his side.

Haggerty attempted to ask White questions about who had shot him, but White had trouble answering and gave only one- or two-word responses.

In rebuttal closing argument, the prosecutor told jurors that Petitioner's DNA was present in the victim's truck, and he claimed the statistical analysis conducted by the DNA analyst supported the State's theory of the case.