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I get the "make-up" comments - though that's really the iris and amber giving a lightly sweet touch to the balsamics and leather - in fact balsamic/leather accords seem to get similar comments from many men whenever they are joined in a scent (see Midnight in Paris as another example).It smells incredible when opening up with a nice citrus splash that's gone by the drydown, and equally incredible when it's settled into its moderate-projection groove when that cocoa-balsamic-leather accord really goes to work.

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Yeah, it's there, but you're ignoring the traits that provide the other half, and that balance is what makes it a unique kind of sexy. It is definitely refined, and a great not-too-loud work scent, but it's also very appropriate for a casual setting when you want to impress someone.Online shops offers: Fragrance 4 items for 24.04 - 70.19 USDNotino DE-AT 4 items for 51.28 - 85.35 EURBRASTY. 10/10 Will always be one of the best smelling fragrances ever made, I seem to be lucky to have very good skin for fragrances and the cacao and iris really shows up after a couple of hours leaving an addictive not too sweet soft chocolate scent! I think honey would take this scent to the next level.... I don't know why but this one conjures a goth type of vibe, like punk rock and Halloween.DE 2 items for 59.00 - 77.80 EURStrawberry EUR 4 items for 59.50 - 109.00 2 items for 62.55 - 62.55 GBPView products... to me, this is the best out of all the versions between, intense, eau, sport and parfum. Living in New York I feel as if I've smelled this many times while walking around the city as well. I really don't understand why I waited so long as it is truly outstanding.After about 1-2 hours, the dusty cocoa light leather earthiness smells incredible. I smelled this for the first time over 2 years ago, and instantly knew it was perfect.In all, this is well suited for when Terre D'Hermes is too barbaric. I recently purchased a 5oz bottle and I immediately noticed how Watery the juice is now?!? since then i dreamt of owning it, took 2 years before i finally got it the only perfume i ever bought best fukin perfume ever wooden floors and leather-bound chairs 1000% fuccboi free no masculine toxins real shit i will wear it to the end of my days.

I think even though this is an Ed T, I cosider this to be more of a "perfume," where something like Dior's Sauvage or Fahrenheit I would consider to be "cologne. Just food for thought :) I think that we have the first MAJOR reformulation after its 2011 release, the juice is noticeably watered down, lacks projection and longevity, I just purchased a bottle from November of 2016 and the difference with my old 2014 bottle is HUGE. The lasting power is still decent but it seems as though something is missing when comparing it to the previous bottle I owned??? Regardless, it's still head and shoulders over most designer fragrances and a lot of niche fragrances out there... Bottle is elegant and minimal; sprayer is Dior quality. I had high hopes for this but found the leather over powering.

There's a woodiness that resides at the central core of Dior Homme, probably coming from a tangle of the patchouli and vetiver notes. It's no tee-shirt scent, but it's a great sweater or comfortable sportscoat and loafers scent.

You can't smell them in a sense that lets you clearly define either note, but they're blended into the base in a way that provides a backbone for the creamy, powdery florals. But if you think it might be, and you're having a hard time meshing with it... I'd call this business or casual formal because it's a perfect work, date, or museum scent.

In my opinion, Dior Homme is one of those kind of fragrances that don't leave people indifferent. There's also an accord that reminds me of Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea.

I have LIDGE and really like it but I feel that this one is actually superior to LIDGE. I would really say, and not to follow the hype and really only give my true opinion, that this is a true masterpiece. I feel as if this fills the same niche as La Nuit de L'homme and D&G The One, and I prefer this one over those.

And the scent has tempered my personality towards more calmness and class, which is something I probably needed as someone who turned 30 this year. Why not the new one that is clearly better because everyone loves it? They've really covered it all with this line, and I think to at least sample the original is something required to get your bearings amongst this arc of scents. The iris is iris absolute according to the dior website. It's certainly not macho like 70's and 80's scents, but it does smell nice. Yes it does have a bit of a feminine vibe to it with the Iris note, but it is an absolutely beautiful (and masculine, in my opinion) fragrance. 1-2 sprays on my chest in the morning and I'm still getting consistent whiffs 12 hours later. DHI is such a Legend (according to MANY people in this community). And yes, as it has been said by other reviewers, it is a magnificent scent. And as the scent develops, the woody feeling gets deeper... And no, dont even think about wearing this with your crocs! If you're thinking about buying any of the fragrances from the Dior Homme line, I'd strongly recommend getting Dior Homme Parfum, which is a very long-lasting scent with better projection than DH and DHI.