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Dating site similar to facebook

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Douban is very similar to My Space, popular with special interest groups and communities, and for networking around specific topics.It has over 100 million users and it’s most active users are intellectuals and pop culture junkies looking for movie, music and book reviews with around 60 million registered users and 80 million active users per month.

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Peng You, meaning “Friend”, was developed by Tencent to be a “Facebook-like” site.Diandian looks, feels and acts just like Tumblr, and is often referred to as a “Perfect Chinese Tumblr Clone”.Youku, meaning “excellent (and) cool”, is the second largest video site in the world after Youtube.China is one of the most restricted countries in the world in terms of internet, but these constraints have directly contributed to the staggering success of local Chinese social media sites.The Chinese government makes it impossible for foreign companies to enter the Chinese social media network social network.By Last September, there were 784 million active user accounts with approximately 100 million online at a time.

According to Alexa Internet rankings, the QQ website ranked 8th – moving it ahead of Twitter.

Youku has partnered with over 1,500 license holders, including television stations, distributors, and film and TV production companies in China that regularly upload media content on the site.

On March 12, 2012 – the two biggest video online companies in China, Youku, and Tudou, announced their merger – the name of the merged company is Youku Tudou Inc. With social features like “friend discovery”, you can chat with your friends instantly via voice messages, texts, or images.

By the end of December 2012, China had 564 million Internet users, 50.9 million more than the year before, and representing nearly 40% of the Chinese population!

As the world’s largest online community continues to grow, Chinese social media sites have become popular tools to reach Chinese consumers.

You can also create group chats to chat with several friends together. Just like Four Square, Jiepang is a Chinese location-based social networking service for mobile devices. Each check-in awards the user points, badges and “Local surprises”.