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Dating styles in germany

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In his 1927 book , Adalbert Johannes Olberg describes Lichtenhainer as a beer made from two-thirds barley malt and one-third wheat malt, using half a pound of hops (250 g) per Zentner (50 kg) of malt.

"I don't want to over-dramatise it, but I would hypothesise that we shall have to start rewriting the history of mankind after today," he said.However, they do not resemble those of any other species found in Europe or Asia. Herbert Lutz, director at the Mainz Natural History Museum and head of the research team, told local media: "They are clearly ape teeth.Their characteristics resemble African finds that are four to five million years younger than the fossils excavated in Eppelsheim.The approximately 8º Plato wort is very lightly hopped and only boiled very briefly and exposed to either a spontaneously appearing or deliberately started lactic acid bacteria infection that gives the beer its weakly sour taste.The mostly young beer, which isn’t expected to be clear, is usually served from a barrel.” Combining both smoke and sourness in one beer is unusual—but not unique.The dental remains were found by scientists sifting through gravel and sand in a former bed of the Rhine river near the town of Eppelsheim.

They resemble those belonging to “Lucy”, a 3.2 million-year-old skeleton of an extinct primate related to humans and found in Ethiopia.

At least not in the past: In the first half of the 19th century, Berliner Weisse was also brewed with smoked malt.

Don’t get confused when I tell you Lichtenhainer is also considered a type of Weissbier. It simply meant a beer brewed from air-dried rather than kiln-dried malt.

After WWII, Lichtenhainer limped along, brewed in tiny quantities until 1983, when Brauerei Ed Barfuss Söhne in Wöllnitz stopped production. In 1997 Talschänke, a pub in Wöllnitz, added a brewery and started making the local style again, calling it Wöllnitzer Weißbier.

I’m always happy to see a beer style rise from the dead.

Ireland champions eejits, eccentricity and mediocrity, while Germany values accountablility and responsibility above all else.