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Home updating ideas

If you are into the country look why not try filling only some of the cracks maybe every third one or so and leaving the wider spaces on the board and it will look like that expensive colonial paneling.

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Molding is cheap and can be used also to give the room a different feel.What about siding or putting on a peaked roof facade? First, I washed the paneling with TSP to get any oil or furniture spray that had been used to preserve the paneling then I coated it with primer before painting.In my living room I used spackle to go between the paneling.You then may want to apply a base coat of white paint to ensure that the dark surface doesn't bleed through the paint.Be sure to seal any knotholes in the wood, as they will definitely bleed through due to the oils in the wood.The money you save could then be used to help fix up the outside.

Deb Related: How to Prep Siding for Painting As far as the outside, you could start by putting a front porch the length of the home, if you can, with a roof on it and plant lots of flowers around it.

To get rid of the paneling you need to get some tubes of painter's caulk and fill in the grooves on the panels.

It takes some work but then you will have a smooth surface, My husband says the easiest way to do this is with a 3 inch wide putty knife.

For both, it is very likely that a wax or varnish was applied to them over the years.

In order to paint them, you have to remove it or the paint will not adhere to the wood and thus, peel off.

You can always recover dining room chairs with fabric from the fabric store and put on heavy plastic over it to keep them looking great very inexpensively.