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Indian matrimonial and dating sites

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They would fix the marriage based on caste, gothra, religion, family background, etc.

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The major communities include Anglo Indians, Goans, Mangaloreans, East Indians, Malayalees, Tamilians, Karwari, Sawantwadi and other Catholics from other States in India.Valerian D’Souza is a NRI with experience for 25 years in UAE and has been active in various Social forums.After receiving repeated feedback from various social circles on the dearth of organized Catholic matrimonial service at a global level, they motivated a team of budding Engineers to design Catholic In our increasingly isolated lives, finding a life partner is becoming one of life's biggest challenges and Woo is committed to solving that human problem."On one end of the line we have stuffy matrimonial sites, tailor-made for the parents, and on the other extreme, western imports of online dating platforms that quickly devolve into a mosh pit of men in an 'anything goes' frame of mind.Matchmaking app fills the gap between casual dating apps and the old-fashioned matrimonial portals.

There is a huge under-served section of users, who are looking at taking the next big step in their lives and would like to meet someone special for that.

One of those levers, naturally, is who they marry" said Mr Sumesh Menon, CEO and Co-founder, Woo , India's leading matchmaking app for urban singles seeking a life partner.

Slowly, the traditional construct of the 'partner' too, has started to change form.

We have made efforts and continue to make sure that we do not encourage and do not permit any sort of dating and completely focus on providing top quality profiles to our members.

Our Performance so far By God's grace and guidance and advice from various Catholic Clergies, Catholic has flourished to garner thousands of quality profiles since inception.

Given the limited reach of these avenues, the matches lack depth.