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Internet disconnected while updating blackberry

My expertise are in Operating Systems, mainly Windows and Computer security which comes from my experience, working as Tech Support and Trainer for Microsoft, Symantec and Mc Afee.

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If none of this worked, contact your ISP to get further help in fixing the problem.This might cause the security software to block internet connection.It is possible that your security software may have got corrupted or not working properly for variety of reasons.The trick now, is to remove the global DNS and go back to select “obtain DNS server address automatically”. Switching between alternate DNS server address and automatic DNS server should fix the problem.System restore feature enable you to restore your computer to a previous date and time when the computer was working fine.The logic is to check if it as a browser related problem.

All my web browsers had the same issue which confirmed, this is not a browser problem.

I rarely recommend system restore as a solution because most of the time system restore just mask the real problem and give a temporary solution.

But considering the fact that you tried all the above steps and none fixed the problem, try doing a system restore to a date when the internet was working fine in your computer.

The logic behind using Safe Mode with Networking – If the internet connection works fine in Safe Mode with Networking, then it should be the third-party services or driver which is responsible for the problem because these are the services which are blocked in Safe Mode with Networking.

The major culprits to look for in third party services Sometimes the error message happens to only some websites.

All third-party software’s and drivers are prevented from loading.