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We initially assumed I would lose, but eventually I became one of the best Kumite fighters to ever participate in the event.According to the movie, the Kumite tournament is a no-holds-barred mixed martial arts competition held in secret every five years.

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But since we are not at liberty to share the corroborating evidence with the public, we acknowledge that each reader may have a different idea of what the facts permit him to believe." Regarding Dux, the magazine states, "Although the details of his story are impossible to check out completely, BLACK BELT has spoken with other I. Dux, and it is the opinion of the editor that: In the letter's closing, John Stewart wrote, "While this magazine ordinarily does not act as an agency for the verification of skills or credentials, in this case we happen to know that the above statements are true.", the real Frank Dux answered this question by saying, "The stated purpose in doing the article is the fact I issued an open challenge encouraging others to fight in the Kumite circuit I championed as a heavyweight, in 1980. Yet shortly after the movie's release in May of 1988, writer John Johnson published an an editorial in the Los Angeles Times' local San Fernando Valley Metro Section accusing Dux of making everything up.Robinson also founded The River of Life Martial Arts and Wellness Center, a million dollar facility that teaches numerous Japanese koryu martial arts in Pennsylvania. In the movie, the main character becomes involved in a romantic and sexual relationship with an American journalist named Janice Kent (Leah Ayres)."As far as the love interest, she did not represent a single particular person," Frank said, "nor would I be intimate with a woman right before a fight." In October of 1998, the real Frank Dux sued his former friend and the man who portrayed him in the movie Bloodsport (1988) for breach of a 1991 oral contract.magazine's November 1980 issue states the following, "The truth is that a full-contact kumite event is indeed held at a private location once every five years. A.) which, although not a publicity seeking organization, is far from secret." ( Considering that the Kumite took place nearly two decades before the emergence of the internet, coupled with the I. Dux found himself entered in the International Fighting Arts Association (I. After performing well enough in smaller kumite matches held by the I. "I understand he passed away before the film was made," Dux said, "due to brain tumors from fighting (like what almost killed me, in 1993). However, Chong Li assured Dux that the incident was purely accidental, regarding blurring his eyes with liniment.The event is sponsored by the International Fighting Arts Association (I. "In the movie, the incident is shown as him intentionally tossing powder, but it was beads of sweat and dit dao mixed in that temporarily burned my eyes, blinding me, which is not a single unique occurrence for fighters.John Johnson alleges, in 1988, he was able to obtain the receipt for my trophy made out to me and commissioned in my name - TWELVE YEARS AFTER MY TROPHY IS IN MY POSSESSION! Moody, is quoted by John Johnson as saying that it was "partially" manufactured by Moody in his trophy shop, located near my home. Moody, who denied ever supplying Johnson this mysterious receipt and acknowledged he informed Johnson he was misquoted, referring to partially repairing another trophy of mine, damaged after my studio was broken into by students of a business competitor. View the alleged trophy receipt produced by John Johnson.

true story reveals that Frank Dux's instructor in the movie is a composite of two individuals, Jack Seki and Senzo Tanaka.

The real Frank Dux said, "My meeting my instructor by breaking into his house was the producer's idea, which I objected to, but now in hindsight I must admit he was right to do this, given screen time limitations.

It was a clever device to help make people understand the importance of martial arts training and how its discipline played a role in putting and keeping young impressionable minds on the right path.", Jean-Claude Van Damme's character is a valuable U. Military Operative who tries to evade two military police agents so that he can fight in the Kumite.

This is in addition to the journalistic research undertaken by print and broadcast media outlets and the fact finding done by the legal firms of the movie studio and the publishing house behind Dux's book.

When interviewed by as part of their "Asking the Masters" series (December & January 2008), Dux tackled Johnson's allegation that he bought his trophy, and in speaking with Historyvs, he supplied a copy of the alleged receipt and responded, "One cannot litigate or force a retraction of opinion.

"Jack Seki is an extended Tanaka family member and is related to my other instructor who I met through Seki, Senzo Tanaka," Frank said.