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“Defendants clearly had knowledge of Rainey’s violent and extensive arrest history, yet they chose ratings over protecting the Plaintiff and others.” Rainey “flashed signs of her violent behavior and jealousy” early on during the show, the suit says, and was involved in “several troublesome incidents.” After she was eliminated from the show, the suit says, Rainey filed a complaint alleging that Taylor battered her during the filming of the show, eventually receiving a $7.1 million verdict from a jury in December — a verdict that the suit says was “against the clear weight of the evidence.” “Defendants either knew and ignored, or failed to diligently investigate Rainey’s background sufficiently enough to protect Plaintiff despite having the present ability and a duty to discover this information and to protect Plaintiff,” the suit reads.

He filed an appeal, and there is a post-judgment hearing scheduled for May 30., is scheduled to premiere on August 10 at 9 p.m., according to Rap Up.“I lost the best thing that ever happened to me, but now I think I’m ready to find that special someone,” Game says in a promotional video.Viacom is pushing back hard, vowing to fight the $20 million lawsuit filed against the company by rapper and VH1 reality star Jayceon Terrell Taylor, better known as the Game.Taylor filed suit Monday in Federal Court in the Central District of California, Western Division (Los Angeles), claiming Viacom should assume financial liability for his $7.1 million sexual harassment judgment of November, the result of allegations by Priscilla Rainey that he groped her during her stint on the VH1 show “She’s Got Game,” which ran for one season in 2015. Taylor to pay more than $7 million as a result of his actions against a former contestant of an unscripted television series produced by a third party,” Viacom said in a statement issued Tuesday.Viacom, the suit alleges, “ignored the safety of the plaintiff and others” because the show’s producers felt Rainey would be good for ratings.

The $20 million sought by the Game presumably covers potential future damages against Taylor for lost revenue opportunities as a result of Rainey’s impact on his reputation and for mental anguish. Time for him to grow up and learn to take personal responsibility for his own behavior.” The suit was filed in federal court due to the diverse jurisdiction and the fact that the amount in controversy is more than $75,000.

Lisa Bloom, a prominent Los Angeles-based sexual harassment attorney who most recently took on Bill O’Reilly, said that in her opinion, the Game should not be seeking to offload his legal woes: “The Game’s attempt to shift the blame to Viacom for his sexual assault is a breathtaking act of arrogance,” Bloom stated. Taylor is based in Los Angeles, and the New York-based plaintiff, Viacom.

“Whatever Viacom knew about the woman’s emotional state has zero relevance to whether he committed sexual assault — and an Illinois court found that he did. Rainey filed her case in Illinois, because that is where she alleges the groping incident took place.

Game was down in Miami performing a club gig when he says he wants to fight Meek straight up next time he sees him. Fuck Meek Mill." It seems as if Game is speaking to someone in the crowd, and while Meek is from Philadelphia, MMG certainly has a heavy presence down south, with Rick Ross and Gunplay both hailing from Carol City.

"I just wanna beat that nigga ass for a good time," he says. Later on, Game hints at what may have been the origin of his ill will towards Meek, introducing a new track "I Never Heard of That," by saying, "Meek Mill not snitching on me, I never heard of that." In an Instagram post that could be interpreted as a rebuttal, Meek wrote, "We ain't rapping fan handle ya biz.........

We will work with the production partner on this series to vigorously defend against this claim.” Taylor’s attorney, Andrew Williams, declined to comment beyond the allegations in the suit, which claims Viacom failed to act on due diligence regarding Rainey.