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Updating my profile

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Forum tracking (advanced) Enabling forum tracking means highlighting the posts you have not read yet, which should improve your forum navigation.When editing text (advanced) This can usually be left on "Use HTML editor (some browsers only)".

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Teaching staff and other staff with editing access will always be able to see your email address.Description In this field you can enter some text about yourself, be it information about your studies, hobbies, qualifications or anything else.This section is optional and allows you to choose your own profile picture.An administrator initially creates your profile with information from the user directory for your organization.You can edit your profile to add details and keep your information current.The first section contains fields that must be completed: First name & Surname These are self-explanatory.

These names will identify you everywhere in your Moodle courses.

Your current picture is shown, if you have already chosen one.

Note: If the admin has enabled it in Settings User policies, a gravatar you might have attached to your email account will appear as your profile image if you don't upload a different one.

This allows for text formatting options, but requires newer browsers.

If you find your browser is not letting you edit text, change this setting to "Use standard web forms".

Participants who registered through various of Active products will be prompted to create an Active Account at the end of the registration.